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Disaster Recovery

Mother Nature at Her worst. Below are a few pictures of the damaged buildings and what they looked like before and after the 2017 tornado that hit the New Orleans area, mainly New Orleans East. The pictures do not begin to truly display the devastation caused by the tornado.

After The Storm

We will never forget the faces of those who experienced a near death experience. It is a look of dazed and confused and what just happened. Someone was walking around with only one shoe and did not even realize it until someone started talking to her to bring her out of the daze and confusion.

The Testimonials

 We saw the tornado coming. We thought we were dead. We took cover in the warehouse huddled down saying our last prayers. Then suddenly the violent vibrating, shaking and twisting of the steel building metal components stopped. We were still alive as we watched  the funnel cloud pass over us touching the ground then going back up into the sky. 

The Recovery

Within minutes of the tornado the recovery started. Emergency calls to all of the public utility companies; electricity, natural gas, water, telecommunications the list goes on. The natural gas lines and water lines were severed causing high pressure natural gas to violently escape. It was heard from a city block or more away.


What a monumental task. Steel columns ripped apart like paper; and I mean three eights inch thick steel beams torn at mid span, not at a welded joint. Field measurement of the walls, columns, girts and purlins took about two weeks. Inputting of the information into AutoCAD took about another two weeks.

The Process

No floor plans, just devastation, damage and destruction. We had to field measure all of the existing improvements or at least what was left of them. Apply for permits, identify and locate all of the different types of materials and order the materials. In almost all cases, steel building suppliers/manufacturers wanted nothing to do with it. The Design Build process was the most cost effective method and was used to put the buildings back on line.

Floor plan of two commercial buildings. Total square footage is 105,628 square feet

General Building Construction Means & Methods

Our Theology

Weather it be Design Build, Design Bid Build, Negotiated Price, Cost Plus a Fee, Turn Key Pricing, we are most focused and concerned with providing a completed project that is cost effective and attainable for our client.  In all cases no two projects are alike. Some people want a hands on experience. Some people want an arms length relationship and will hire a third party to manage the construction process. Some people are extremely conservative and have very little trust; and in many cases they are justified in their approach. In all cases we will remain Honest, Act with Integrity and be Transparent.

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